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Christine Andrews

Christine Andrews – Founder and Operator, Acme Works. – “Everyday I am excited to see the energy and focus the member companies at Acme Works bring to growing their businesses.  It’s a please to work with such a vibrant community of start-ups, entrepreneurs, independents, consultants and solopreneurs. In addition to running Acme and facilitating the community and interactions that allow all members to thrive I continue to work as an independent consultant with Acme as my office.”  Acme Works is a proud member of the Coworking Toronto and Coworking Ontario collectives where independent coworking spaces share best practice and work to build awareness of coworking.

Vertical Wave  Visit Website

VerticalWave is a digital development agency offering high-end mobile web applications and top-tier professional services. From complex websites to multi-platform mobile applications, VerticalWave has the skills and experience to deliver successful projects for any size organization.

Girls of Glam  Visit Website

G of G Inc provides male and female brand ambassadors and promotional models for experiential marketing campaigns for large corporations across North America. From music festivals, to street teams, our brand ambassadors represent and attend various events acting as the face of the brand, bringing your brand to life.

Mass5  Visit Website

Mass5 brings you the next step in Mobile Website Design.  A leader in mobile site development and responsive design, our innovative web design team uses the Drupal content management system to create cross-platform web applications and mobile ready websites for a wide range of businesses.

iApotheca  Visit Website

iApotheca Healthcare’s founding team members came from a background in pharmacy and healthcare technology. We realized that healthcare technology was lagging behind that of other industries and that there were gaps in the software provided by others. We then began developing web based software modules for pharmacies and thus iApotheca was born.

The Canadian Safe School Network  Visit Website

The Canadian Safe School Network (CSSN) is a national, not-for-profit, registered charitable organization with a mandate to reduce youth violence and make our schools and communities safer. CSSN was born of the Government of Ontario’s Safe School Task Force and was launched in 1997 by representatives from police, education and business communities.

Micharity  Visit Website

Micharity is empowering charitable giving across the world by making it easier to donate online. We are changing the way Nonprofits collect donations online, engage donors. What we make helps the charities and non-profits run faster, raise more and chart the path ahead intelligently.

9thzero Solutions Inc  Visit Website

9thzero Solutions Inc is a technology consulting company focusing on technology roadmaps, technical resource management as well as application and infrastructure framework design and development.

Peersway  Visit Website

Peersway are a startup based in Toronto which provides a completely new marketing channel for brands and agencies. Instead of working with few big influencers, Peersway allows you to work with hundreds of ‘Nano influencers’​ for the same cost. They provide a turn-key solution where they handle every aspect of the influencer campaign including shortlisting users, communicating requirements, reviewing Instagram posts and handling payments.

Chillwall  Visit Website

Chillwall is a personal Machine Learning Discovery network that enables individuals to search for local events based on interests, type and location. The platform is powered by an advanced learning recommendation algorithm which learns what a user’s specific preferences are over time and starts to recommend events for them wherever they are searching from in the world.

Pinch Social  Visit Website

After nearly a decade in communications, marketing and social media, Michelle Pinchev founded Pinch Social and Communications in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment and design district, with the goal of helping local startups and established small and medium sized businesses reach people across demographics and interests.

Candy Banners  Visit Website

Candy Banners is a digital ad banner development studio. They create playful & beautifully produced banners utilizing the latest technology trends. Having worked with some of the biggest brands in the world we ensure a quality and rapidly delivered product for advertising companies & direct clients.

Good Times Running  Visit Website

Good Times Running is an event creation and management company dedicated to re-introducing people to the joys of running. Moms & Dads, Business leaders, Charitable workers… Everyone benefits. From careful course mapping to thoughtful finish line rewards, a Good Times Running event guarantees participants, sponsors and partners a memorable experience. 

Echo Learning  Visit Website

Echo Learning are changing the way that people learn music. The traditional music education model is outdated and is preventing too many people from enjoying the benefits of having music in their lives. Their unique program makes learning music fun and inspires every student to achieve their full potential.

HeroTask  Visit Website

HeroTask is a 100% HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant solution designed to track tasks and keep team communication clear. With HeroTask, you’ll spend less time in your inbox and more time engaging with your team. And that’s how success happens.

Bellwood Studios  Visit Website

Bellwood Studios is a software design and development studio. From web design overhauls to animating short films, they immerse individuals in cinematic landscapes and intriguing narratives—not as observers, but as participants—and guide them through productive, digital environments.

Day Shift Digital  Visit Website

Day Shift Digital are a team that collaborates with organizations and agencies, building custom WordPress websites, e-commerce shops and Luminate Online Customizations. They focus on building strong, intuitive and dynamic sites that are simple to navigate on the front-end, and a breeze to update on the backend.

Liquidus  Visit Website

The potential — and power — of integrated blockchain solutions allow Digital Asset Businesses and countries to evolve with the changing global business, financial, regulatory, and security landscape. Liquidus are revolutionizing how business is done and capital is connected, laying the foundation for a global digitized economy.

Risseet  Visit Website

To make this world a better place, Risseet started to think out of the box and decided to build the first online marketplace of its kind where you can buy and sell receipts digitally. They have solved it for you : Save money and make money in one place.

Vish  Visit Website

Cloud-based color business management application which helps salon owners reduce color waste, record color formulas, define pricing and access insights. Suitable for salons of all sizes.

Langton Communications  Visit Website

For over 20 years, Langton Communications Inc. has created results-driven campaigns and curated brand stories that generate buzz, garner results and create lasting impressions with media and consumers nationwide.

BOGO App  Visit Website

The BOGO App was built for restaurant owners looking to boost revenues from Dine-In customers, and as a savings platform for consumers who dine out regularly.

Things We Love In Our Neighborhood

Trinity Bellwoods Park
790 Queen Street West

UFO Restaurant
241 Niagara Street

Wallace Espresso
848 King Street West

Dlish Cupcakes
833 Queen Street West

720 Queen Street West

Simit and Chai Co.
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Pennies Bar
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Morso Me
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Garrison's Barbershop
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iHalo Krunch
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Sanaa Yoga
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