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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Acme Works been around?

Acme Works became a glint in the eye of founder Christine Andrews in the summer of 2012. Through the fall she hammered out the business plan. In January of 2013 the renovation on our space began and we opened for business in April of 2013.

Who are Members at Acme?

Our membership just launched in April 2013, but we expect the community will be comprised of a variety of businesses including creative, cultural, sales, digital and software development, environmental, philanthropic, legal and accounting professionals and independent workers including mobile, contract, temporary or entrepreneurial.

I love a shared space but what if I need privacy for a call or meeting?

Our space operates on mutual respect between our members. While taking a quick call at your desk is perfectly acceptable, if you need privacy you can use one of our phone booths or book a boardroom for an extended or group call. Informal meetings are part of coworking but if you’re hosting a formal meeting or need a screen to share some spreadsheets or designs then the kitchen, lounge or your desk might not be the right location. You can book one of our three meeting rooms.

Do you provide computers?

No, you must bring your own computer. We provide a desk & chair, shared table or shared lounge space, internet, power, coffee, tea and water. We also offer a range of offices able to accommodate 1-4 people. We have lockers where you can stash your stuff and we can tether full time member’s monitors to their desks.

Do you require people to work at Acme for a day before becoming a Member?

No but we encourage you to come and visit, spend some time and get a feel for the space. If possible we like to meet potential members first. We’re a community and trust is a huge part of that. It works best for you and for us if we meet face to face before you commit to the space.

Will I need to sign a long-term lease?

No. We offer a variety of packages to give you the greatest flexibility. If you are comfortable sharing a table you can buy packages on an hourly basis. If you select one of our private desk packages you can roll month to month. However, if you want the same desk each time you come, or our suite than we will require a six month commitment.

Does Acme offer anything in addition to shared space and infrastructure?

Yes! At Acme we have a relationship with many experienced professionals including Lawyers, Accountants, Marketers and Senior Executives – people with expertise in many areas of business. You can gain access to these people and their intellectual capital through your Membership at Acme. So if you’ve crafted the most brilliant business plan ever and you’re ready to start raising capital but you’d like someone other than your Mom to give it the once over, Acme can help.

We also offer access to subscriptions to many of the top business publications available including The Harvard Business Review and Marketing Magazine among others.

Still have a question? email us at and we’ll do our best to answer.

"We offer a variety of packages to give you the greatest flexibility."