Acme works as a community

The Acme Works community is at the heart of the Acme experience. It's a small and tight-knit community that you typically don't find in a larger facility, and it's a rare type of community that fosters shared learning, success, and lasting friendships.

The Acme members often collaborate on projects, products, or events and a Slack post asking for advice will result in a dozen quick, insightful responses from your coworkers. The Acme community comes together to celebrate and share events both big and small. Whether we are gathering to watch the Raptors’ championship game, a FIFA World Cup match or to celebrate a birthday, wedding, or business success we do so in the spirit of camaraderie. And don’t worry, at Acme you’ll always find someone to debate and discuss politics, culture, literature, fashion, travel, or your favourite subject.


“I am excited to see the energy and focus the members at Acme Works bring to growing their businesses and I consider it a privilege to support them on their journey. It’s a pleasure to work with such a vibrant community of start-ups, entrepreneurs, independents, consultants, and solopreneurs. Our members are the heart of Acme and I love coming to work alongside them every day”

– Christine Andrews
Founder and Operator, Acme Works

Acme works for us:

Isthmus is a charity that connects hungry children with food to eat on weekends when they would otherwise go hungry. While there are numerous feeding programs for children during school hours, Isthmus fills the gaps between Friday and Monday.

Centre for Indigenous Innovation and Technology
CIIT is a passionate group of entrepreneurial philanthropists working hard to close the gap in Indigenous representation within the technology sector. By building community, making connections, and driving economic development, they aim to empower the next generation.

Bellwood Studios
Bellwood Studios is a software design and development studio. From web design overhauls to animating short films, they immerse individuals in cinematic landscapes and intriguing narratives—not as observers, but as participants - and guide them through productive, digital environments.

Pinch Social
After nearly a decade in communications, marketing, and social media, Michelle Pinchev founded Pinch Social and Communications in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment and design district, with the goal of helping local startups and established small and medium-sized businesses reach people across demographics and interests.

Ignited Learning
Ignited Learning is changing the way that people learn music. The traditional music education model is outdated and is preventing too many people from enjoying the benefits of having music in their lives. Their unique program makes learning music fun and inspires every student to achieve their full potential.

Day Shift Digital
Day Shift Digital is a team that collaborates with organizations and agencies, building custom WordPress websites, e-commerce shops, and Luminate Online Customizations. They focus on building strong, intuitive, and dynamic sites that are simple to navigate on the front-end, and a breeze to update on the backend.

SmartSweets are a confectionery brand aiming to offer a healthy alternative to traditional, sugar-filled candy. Smart Sweets vision is to be the global leader in innovating confectionary products that kick sugar.

With Intent
With Intent is a marketing agency that specializes in brand development, event marketing, field marketing, experiential, press events, sponsorship, social media, content marketing, and lead generation. They help purposeful risk-takers to redefine success and achieve their biggest goals.

Vertical Wave
VerticalWave is a digital development agency offering high-end mobile web applications and top-tier professional services. From complex websites to multi-platform mobile applications, VerticalWave has the skills and experience to deliver successful projects for any size organization.

Present Truth Investigations Inc.

Headquartered out of Toronto, Ontario, we are a licensed, full-service investigative agency, that provides a vast array of discreet investigative services to both the public and private sectors.  We specialize in domestic, civil, criminal, and corporate investigative matters.   As a group, we are committed to providing quality service, and we maintain a strong ethical stance as an agency.  Our team is comprised of former law enforcement and tenured private investigators, who possess an average of 25 years of experience respectively.  Servicing Southern Ontario, our ever-growing reach extends from Kitchener to Ottawa.  As an organization, we are committed to professional excellence, in order to deliver timely and concise outcomes to our clients.  Contact us today.  We look forward to assisting you. 


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