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acme works community
acme works community

Acme works as a community.

Work, play, and community are deeply ingrained in our DNA. Whether we’re out for a team run, tending to the member-built plant wall, or watching our Toronto teams traverse the playoffs, our community is tight. We run events throughout the month where everyone becomes BFFs (karaoke night, anyone?), grows professionally (think branding your business workshops), and has fun (breakfast club!). You come for the fast WiFi and productive workspace and stay for picnic hangs with the whole gang.

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ACME-ITE. noun.

Acme-ites are defined by their positive disposition, friendly nature, unrivalled wit, and penchant for a good time.

Christine (Acme Works) 🇨🇦

I was proud to be one of the first coworking spaces to open in Toronto when I launched Acme Works at 229 Niagara Street in June of 2013. Now coworking in Toronto has grown into a vibrant industry with over a hundred operators, supporting local workers, teams, companies, and our economy. I am optimistic and excited to continue to meet the needs of Toronto’s workforce as we all emerge from the Pandemic and look toward the future of work together.

Bryce (Acme Works) 🇨🇦

A man of many hats…literally and figuratively. Bryce is our energetic and engaging community manager endowed with a real enthusiasm for facilitating friendships, creating collaborative communities, and organizing exciting events. During your Acme stay, Bryce will be your go-to guy for solutions, support, and socializing.

Adam Artist Group International (Canada)

Adam (AGI Toronto) 🇨🇦

Adam heads up the AGI Toronto team. Artist Group International is a music booking agency tasked with connecting artists to venues and promoters. Adam and his team act as liaisons to ensure their roster of artists can secure standout gigs. So when a band needs to fill tour dates, fit into a festival line-up, or just lockdown a few local shows, Adam’s proverbial hotline ‘blings’.

Nico (Freelance UX/UI Designer)

Known for his killer spiral, and ability to throw a football “over them mountains,”
Nico has been kickin’ it with our community for over a year now. You can find him sitting at his namesake nook, flexing his Figma muscles to ensure his clients are consistently captivated by his creativity!

Peter (Freelance Writer/Director) 🇨🇦

Peter started his career developing and writing for Colony Pictures, where he co-produced the Netflix feature “CODE 8”. He then pursued his passion for directing by moving into music videos and commercials working with artists such as Avicii, Eminem, Martin Garrix, Jessie Reyez, and SonReal. Peter has also spent time directing for CBC/Netflix’s “Working Moms” and CTV/Roku’s “Children Ruin Everything.”

Jun (Stickynote)

Stickynote has evolved from standard online Mandarin classes into an entire online community for cohorts of language learners featuring pre-recorded lessons, massive amounts of learning materials, and large interactive cohorts encouraging conversation and collaboration between students. Jun is happy to provide schooling with a significant emphasis on all things social by hosting Q&A’s and in-person Mandarin mixers providing students the opportunity to make new friends as they navigate a new language.

Kaila Off-Paper Creative (Canada)

Kaila (Off-Paper Creative) 🇨🇦

Armed with enterprising energy and an eye for design, Kaila builds bold branding and striking sites to ensure her clients keep on shinin’. Offering brand design, web development, site management, and ready-to-roll web templates Off Paper Creative’s suite of services can spruce up any brand looking to sparkle a little bit brighter.

Chris Grantable (Canada)

Chris (Grantable)🇨🇦

In 2016 Chris created Grantable, a grant writing service to help all kinds of talented Canadian artist secure the funding the need to they can spend more time focussing on their craft without worrying about their coin.

Josh Process Logistics (Canada)

Josh (Process Logistics) 🇨🇦

Truckin’ eh! Josh is a freight broker whose business is to connect companies looking to ship their products with truckers willing to deliver those goods to stores across the continent. That’s right, behind the scenes of any fully stocked store is Josh working the phones all day to make sure your favourite snacks and supplies stay in stock!

Ollie Trophymade (Australia)

Ollie (Trophymade) 🇦🇺

Our good friend Ollie is an entrepreneur trying to overhaul traditional trophy-buying customization process through his new retail site Trophymade. By creating his own online customization tool Ollie has expedited the archaic trophy-buying process by replacing weeks of communication between customer and retailer with a simple template tool allowing users to customize hundreds of trophies with unlimited text and graphic options.

Marija Smalls (Canada)

Marija (Smalls) 🇨🇦

After successful stints slaying marketing campaigns at Ritual and Hello Fresh, Marija made the conscious move to cat food subscription start-up Smalls to pursue greater flexibility, growth, and new opportunities. A feline fan herself she now works to pull invaluable insights from every inch of data available to her to ensure the satisfaction of Smalls’ cat loving customers and their companions.

Jean-Sebastien JST Communications (France)

Jean Sebastien (JST Communications) 🇫🇷

Jean Seb is an accomplished publicist. Through his public relations company JST Communications, J.S. has been helping brands build a following in France for nearly a decade. With a range of clients including chefs, winemakers, luxury real estate agencies etc. Jean Seb’s role requires cultivating meaningful connections between his clients and the French public. By spending years sowing successful relationships with a multitude of media figures J.S. has been able to offer his clients a wide array of exposure in francophone print, television and web.

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