Covid-19 Response

Our Plan For a Safe and Healthy Workspace

It’s been quite the journey we’ve been on since March 2020! However, we seem to have reached the stage in the pandemic where our economy is restarting and businesses can open and operate again. While we look forward to welcoming members, both new and old, to Acme Works we believe strongly we must continue to prioritize the health and safety of our community.

Throughout the pandemic, we have taken a cautious approach to all our Covid-related policies and actions. We’ve followed the guidance of local government and health officials, we’ve discussed best practice with other coworking operators, and we’ve listened to our members. We want to continue to provide our product to all those that want to use it in a comfortable manner.

As such, Acme Works has taken steps to ensure sanitizer stands are still available throughout the space. As the mask mandate is no longer in place the choice to wear one is left to our individual guests, however, members and visitors to Acme Works are obligated to be fully vaccinated as defined by the province of Ontario's public health measures.

Founder, Acme Works


We ask that if you are feeling ill you do not come into the space until you have administered a COVID-19 Antigen Test and received a negative result


We continue to encourage physical distancing (2m/6ft). We have also installed workspace dividers for dedicated desks and shared tables. Mask wearing is the prerogative of each individual member.


Upon entry to Acme all members are encouraged to sanitize their hands. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available throughout the space. We have also upgraded our air filters to MERV 11 and have our HVAC system cleaned twice per year.


We are commited to maintain the things we love about Acme like community while staying safe. As government policies and public practice changes, we will do our best to adapt and encourage an open dialog with our members through the process.

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