Readiness Plan

Our Plan For a Safe and Healthy Workspace

We are ready to welcome you back to Acme. We all know Covid-19 changed everything. Before we can safely and comfortably reopen, the Acme workspace has to change. The purpose of this document is to walk you through the plan we have developed.

Ross and I have made good use of our “stay at home” time and have participate in many webinars with other operators from around the world. We’ve reviewed a myriad of products, policies and research to inform our Acme specific plan. While there are broad regulatory guidelines we must follow we also need to make decisions that are right for our building, our members and our community.

Thank you to those who answered our survey about returning to work. Your input was vital to the plan we developed. We want to ensure Acme is ready to welcome you back in the safest, most effective way possible. This is about more than physical space, it is a commitment to our community, to continued productivity, to safe collaboration, and to a shared sense of well-being.

We are ready to support our Members and help you navigate your way into a new and safe Acme experience.

– Christine Andrews, Founder, Acme Works


We ask that all members follow the Self-Screening Assessment every day before coming to Acme. We are implementing attendance verification, as well as an illness reporting policy.


We are implementing a Traffic Flow System using highly-visibility floor decals, adding capacity signs for various areas, as well as encouraging physical distancing (2m/6ft). We will also be installing workspace dividers for dedicated desks and shared tables


Upon entry to Acme all members will be required to sanitize their hands. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available throughout the space. We are also installing self-cleaning surfaces and utilizing human and animal friendly disinfectant fogging.


An ongoing challenge is how to maintain the things we love about Acme like community while staying safe. As government policies and public practice changes, we will do our best to adapt and encourage an open dialog with our members through the process.

Please be patient

We are not experts on Covid-19, but we’re doing our best to adjust to our new reality. We will make mistakes, select the wrong product, or enact a policy that’s not quite right.

We ask you to be patient with us, and with each other, as we navigate a new way to work together in a shared workspace.

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